Elevation Introduces a New Secondary-Side MOSFET Integrated Synchronous Rectifier Controller for Flyback Converters

Irvine, Calif., June 28, 2022 – Elevation Semiconductor, a high-voltage power conversion solutions developer, announced today the release of HL9750, a device belonging to a family of flyback synchronous rectifier controllers integrated with 100V/12mW MOSFET.

The HL9750 supports a flyback converter that operates in quasi-resonant (QR), discontinuous conduction mode (DCM), and continuous conduction mode (CCM). Its control circuit turns on the gate of a synchronous rectification (SR) MOSFET in forwarding mode and turns off the gate when the SR MOSFET current drops to a certain level. The HL9750 also integrates the gate clamp circuitry to pull down the gate when the dependence of the MOSFET causes the missed trigger turn-on of the SR MOSFET during startup, which then increases the reliability of the system.

Some of the other features of the HL9750 include wide input voltage ranging up to 26.5V, low power saving mode, and it comes in a highly efficient QFN 5x6mm package.

The primary applications for the HL9750 are USB PD chargers for smartphones and tablet PCs, adapters for portable devices, and flyback power supplies with fixed or variable output voltage.

“Our new secondary-side synchronous rectifier controller brings another dimension to the chargers and adapters applications with proprietary CCM SR turn-off control algorithm. We have many new energy-efficient high voltage power conversion products releasing this year that will improve our customer’s high-power systems,” said David Nam, CEO of Elevation Semiconductor.


About Elevation Semiconductor

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