Secondary-Side MOSFET Integrated Synchronous Rectifier Controller for Flyback Converters

  HL9750 Main Photo   HL9750 Second alternate photo


The HL9750FN is a secondary-side MOSFET integrated synchronous rectifier (SR) controller for isolated flyback converters. By Implementing proprietary turn-off control algorithm, the HL9750FN can reliably support discontinuous conduction mode (DCM), quasi-resonant (QR), and continuous conduction mode (CCM), which will help to design robust flyback converters.


  • Integrated 12mΩ Rds(on) MOSFET
  • Compatibility of continuous conduction mode (CCM), quasi-resonant (QR), and discontinuous conduction mode (DCM)
  • Compatible with high side and low side applications
  • Wide input voltage ranges up to 26.5V
  • Optimized SR gate turn-off threshold control
  • Proprietary CCM SR turn-off control algorithm
  • Minimized SR turn-on/off propagation delay
  • SR MOSFET gate passive clamp
  • Low power saving mode
  • Highly efficient QFN5x6 package

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